Didier Lebrun, Pediatrician in Brussels.

Who am I?

Dr. Didier Lebrun specialised in pediatrics at the St. Peter hospital in Brussels from 1978 to 1981 and also at the Nancy’s Regional Maternity (France).

Afterwards he was co-head of the Edith Cavell’s neonatology unit in Uccle for more than ten years. He was elected President of the Pediatric’s College at the Medical Institute of Edith Cavell.

After several trainings in relationship therapy, he became interested in the psychophysical development of babies and the impact of the environment on the child’s development. He currently practices a holistic pediatrics, while keeping one foot in the pediatric team of Chirec.

What can I offer?

During follow-up consultations, I listen and observe the evolution of your baby; we will discuss nutritional issues, immunization and prevention. I give notes and advices covering major pediatrics topics such as how to treat temperature, colds, diarrhea and other common problems.

My goal is to help you being the "first aider of your baby".

I will be happy to answer your specific questions during medical interviews. Taking into account my experience, I treat many diseases and if need be, I will consult a hyper specialist for severe issues.